Limited-Edition Pro-Keds

Catting about town in your favorite childhood gear might sound like good times, but it usually ends with you sobbing and naked as your Superman Underoos dangle from the fence you scrambled over to escape bullies. For throwbacks you can actually pull off, grab some new, limited-edition Pro-Keds.These new Keds are based on the late 70s/80s models that ignited America's playgrounds with raging pre-pubescent envy. The updates still sport many of the originals' features, notably a Velcro option that'll fill you with nostalgia for a time when ingenious fastening devices were slightly more advanced than computers. This time around though, the materials are top notch -- perforated suede and leather fine enough to wear to the office, at least if you work at a job so lowly they let employees wear sneakers. Colors range from Cork to Scarlet to Jet Black -- a hue so legit, Wesley Snipes'd bet his role in Passenger 58 on it, always.Prices are more than you paid for your glow-in-the-dark Keds (like $100 more), but not bad for high-end kicks. Plus, you should be willing to spend a little on your feet, just to take peoples' eyes away from your cruelly exposed groin.