High end cocktails hidden behind a phone booth

Photo: Eater.com

If New York's Pegu Club is the cocktail equivalent of Mike Holmgren's Green Bay Packers -- churning out alums who've gone on to open their own famed establishments -- then Jim Meehan is undoubtedly its Jon Gruden

Photo: TheRealKevAbrams

The All-World mixologist's PDT has outlasted many of its contemporaries and remains one of the most hottest tickets in town, so if you plan on buzzing through the iconic, located-inside-a-hot-dog-joint phone booth that hides it, you'll need to make a reservation

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Speakeasying of hot dogs, don't miss out on their signature wieners, served through tiny, silver doors by the kitchen staff next door, and created by famous chef's including Mission Chinese's Danny Bowien, whose loads a beef frank with cheese, cilantro, onion, and ultra-spicy mapo tofu.