Office Art

Your desk represents the most boring 10 sq ft on the planet -- a condition you could only cure with pictures of your girlfriend (if she were naked) or action shots of Rickey Henderson (if he were naked). Or, you could stop the mundanity with the desktop art of Jac Zagoory. Operating out of his Union Square studio, Jac's pewter-centric handcraftiness transforms traditionally bleak office supplies into objets d'art so inspiring, you'll start considering your workspace a showroom instead of a potential canvas for your splattered brains. Pieces include card and penholders, pens, staplers, staple removers, and, if you're holding onto literary pretensions despite IMing "LOL!" all day, inkwells. Some samples:"Perfect Form" penholder: You'll feel as if a supple-breasted yoga instructor is handing you your instrument, and, better, refraining from pointing out that it's as big as a pen. "Charging Bull" stapler: Perfectly reflects your attitude towards the stock market; unfortunately, its palm-piercing horns will perfectly reflect the market's attitude towards you. Pendura: The collection's Sterling-silver-and-18k-gold apex -- though to throw $2200 at a pen you'd have to be Rickey Henderson or something.Get some for yourself, but remember that Jac's work also makes for no-brainer gifts for peers, superiors, and peers you're afraid might soon be your superiors -- aesthetically tasteless climbers who might otherwise resent your stylish desk, and give it to someone else.