Bug Hors D'Oeuvres

Showing up to a party with a supermarket snack platter and a bottle of "Gato de Negro" won't impress anyone, even if your friends are the type to still have inflatable furniture. Instead, visit Thailand Unique for some of Southeast Asia's most delicious and horrifying delicacies -- ensuring your seat in the pantheon of memorable houseguests. Consider these vegetable dip and jug wine alternatives: Tasty Boiled Crickets with Eggs:Farm-raised and puffed full of hundreds of juicy, gestating eggs, then lightly seasoned with spices for a unique, nutty flavor -- enhancing but not overwhelming the delicate bouquet of knocked-up crickets.Giant Water Bugs (Red or Yellow Curry Flavor):These playful aquatic creatures may resemble fanged cockroaches, but dip them in zesty BBQ sauce and your stomach will thank you for this treat flown to you direct from behind a Bangkok bathroom sink.Gecko Whiskey:Each $35 bottle contains ginseng roots, Thai herbs, and two large wall lizards. Considered an aphrodisiac by Southeast Asian people, but less so by Southeast Asian geckos.TU also offers toasted scorpions, silkworm pupae, cobra-infused whiskeys and other Temple of Doom-ish cuisine. The overseas shipping charges are costly, but marching into a housewarming with a tray of insect crudité and a bottle of reptile booze guarantees you'll either be the party's most popular guest -- or that you'll never be invited back.