Colorado Gator Wrestling

With the recent alligator attacks in Florida, you'd best learn to protect yourself before taking your summer vacation. At Colorado Gators wrestling school, you can get so good at taking on mammoth reptiles, you'll be able to skinny dip in the Broward County swamplands just for fun

To get started on your scaly self-defense classes, fly to, where else, Mosca, Colorado. For the price of a pizza and a few pints, coach Jay Young will show you how to overpower a 600lb prehistoric fiend as if it were a legless dog.

To graduate from one level to the next, students must catch two gators in each of four weight classes, starting out with cute 3-footers, all the way up to 11-foot monsters. Nearly everyone who's taken the class has reached the top level. According to Young, the key to victory is to never hesitate: take a deep breath, and pounce with abandon. Don't jump off until you've clamped the creature's jaw shut and forced him into sweet submission

Amazingly, CG says they've never had a "severe" injury, but you do have to sign a waiver promising you won't sue (or whine) if you get chomped. But even if you end up wearing a prosthetic hook afterward, the valuable skill you've learned far outweighs a missing hand.