Memorial Day Garbage Can Cocktails

Memorial Day parties aren't complete without a patriotic blackout -- and the best way to ensure your guests receive one is a garbage can full of alcohol. All you need are a clean can, lots of ice, and plenty of expendable brain cells. Here are a few recipes guaranteed to make your summer coronation event gloriously trashy:

If you plan on having females at your party...Peach Pickle Sangria- 3 boxes white Franzia (6L each)- 1 handle vodka- 3 bottles "red" flavored bum wine (berry or passion fruit)- 3 2L bottles of seltzer- 3 huge cans of peaches in heavy syrup

If you plan on seeing the females naked during the party...Pink Panty Droppers- 1 handle vodka (1.75L)- 1 handle gin - 1 handle rum - 10 malt liquor 40s- 6 2L bottles of pink lemonad

If you want guests to have no memory of the party...Crack Juice- 3 handles vodka- 18 40s- 12 cans of frozen limeade concentrate

If you want guests to start fighting with imaginary sea serpents...Tazmanian Punch- 1 bottle Everclear (750ml)- 4 handles vodka- 6 2L bottles of Sunny Delight- 2 gal rainbow sherbert- 3 cans frozen orange juice concentrate- 3 cans frozen fruit punch concentrate

Note: you may think you're above drinking booze out of garbage cans, but you're not.