Custom Poker Tables

If you want to be taken seriously when you host poker night, don't drag out your dead grandmother's collapsible card table. Instead, customize your own poker table through Outlaw Tables.Outlaw's website uses a Flash tool to take you through the entire building process. First, choose among four* differently sized and shaped tables. Then select the wood, pad color, card and chip storage areas, cup holders, card inlays, and the type of table legs. Add an optional detachable dining top and your table will be functional for eating, intense games of super quarters, or smashing people's faces who've been hiding cards.For even greater personalization, Outlaw gives you the option to brand the table's felt surface with any image you choose. Imagine the logo of your favorite sports team, or an homage to your favorite band or movie. Or, if you can't make a poker face, a gigantic silkscreen of your impassive mug.Once you've placed your order, an Outlaw engineer will contact you to discuss your table's feasibility and construction schedule. Your finished package will undoubtedly be expensive, but hopefully the need to recoup your investment will spur you to become a better poker player -- possibly even good enough to justify having a table with your face emblazoned on it.

*The flash portion only allows you customize the "tombstone" model right now, but Outlaw does personalize any sized table you choose.