Spotlight Live

Most people karaoke in shady dives, witnessed only by friends, and those who mock them in clipped Asian languages. If you feel your degradation deserves a bigger stage, hit Spotlight.

Spotlight's a four-story, 23,000sq ft facility that aims to treat brave amateurs like the stars so few of them are destined to become. Here's how:

  • A "green room", where you'll receive advice from hair/makeup artists, choreographers, and, hopefully, friends committed to talking you out of the choreographers' advice

  • A professional band w/backup singers to compliment your pipes/bail you out with a drum solo while you throw up in a corner

  • A JumboTron set up in Times Square that'll broadcast your performance to the masses -- fulfilling your dream of one day killing the Times Square masses

  • Live feeds to both Spotlight's website and an on-demand TV channel, so people in Bangkok can grimace at your slurred rendition of "One Night in Bangkok"

  • An American Idol-like interactive network for the audience to rate/comment on your performance (mercifully, comments are moderated before posting, so your attempt at "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" won't be met with "More like sh*teating f*ckhead!"
  • Naturally, fees here are considerably steeper: $28 per performance, plus extra to take home a CD or DVD. But it's all worth it for an experience that could have lasted four barely-remembered, drunken minutes, but now will last a lifetime.