Renting a luxury car is so cost prohibitive, most people can barely spring for a half-day -- a tease on par with tearing open a lobster claw, then having the maitre d' quickly replace it with a Cup O' Noodles. To maximize your part-time flossiness, join DreamShare.

A new program from Gotham Dream Cars, DS gives a 40-50% discount to car fiends willing to pre-pay for a block of rentals. The way it works: each auto in Gotham's fleet is given a point value based on rarity, value, and relentless ozone antagonism. The basic Platinum membership gives you points for around 20 full days -- a little less if you insist on only driving their finest (the $290,000 Lamborghini Murciélago), a little more if you stick to the runt of the litter (the $100,000+ Porsche GT3 -- oh, the shame). Cost is $9000, which sounds excruciating until you realize the Lambo rental typically runs $2450 for one weekday -- when you should be working at the job that'll earn you a Murcielago in around 800 years.

As a bonus, members are welcome to spend their points at Gotham's fully-stocked outpost in South Florida -- where hopefully a wealthy Cuban expat will be so impressed with your Ferrari, he'll buy you that lobster dinner.