Prps Denim

When the nations of the world unite, anything can be accomplished, from the relentless spread of education to the systematic eradication of disease. Also, really cool denim: Prps, whose spring/summer line just debuted. Prps is an NYC-based clothing line that harnesses the capacities of three continents in each pair of top-flight jeans. The cotton's personally selected by local growers in Benin, Senegal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe (better luck next time, Burkina Faso). This proud harvest then goes to Japan, where it's woven on 60s-era Levis looms by veritable denim ninjas -- their mysterious prowess evidenced by the selvage's heavy richness, and in the fact that even now one of them is standing behind you. But what ties this all together is profoundly American inspiration: the founder claims logging/hunting/70s drag-strip influences, manifested in eccentric stitching, camo lining, and the spirits of murdered deer.The result of this boutique-y multinational effort is uniquely styled jeans that'll most likely prove more durable than you. Grab a pair, and there's no limit to what you can accomplish, provided you're not a polio-stricken illiterate.