The best beers in Manhattan?

With enough grit and determination, a person can overcome any handicap, whether he's a blind man climbing Everest, or a one-armed man strangling Harrison Ford's wife. Even more inspiring: The Blind Tiger Ale House, a West Village standby before their landlord booted them in favor of a Starbucks. Reopened on Bleecker, the team slogged through a brief stint as a coffee house while awaiting their liquor license, but their patience paid off in the form of 28 taps, two casks, and a staggering list of microbrew bottles, large-formaters, and "weird sh*t most people have never heard of". If New York is a city of beer geeks, then Blind Tiger is their mecca. P.S., If owner Ian Campbell is on hand, be sure to ask what he's got stored in the cellar.