Mike & Chris Hoodies

Creative types are constantly taking expensive liberties with the comfortably common -- which might offend your everyman sensibilities, but if you really don't like truffled mac & cheese, what's that on your chin? Taking the hoodie to fashionable extremes: Mike & Chris, just arrived in NYC. Already praised for their womenswear, MC's '07 men's line marks their first offering for the hair-er sex. The hoodies reflect the husband/wife duo's LA and Queens upbringings, while also saying "I get blowjobs in Monte Carlo". The basic, pretty expensive models are stylishly cut from either canvas or a heavy-duty fleece more durable than Carl Winslow, yet somehow softer than Urkel. The really expensive ones come in distressed lambskin leather -- for those who find wearing adult animal skins ethically unchallenging. No matter what materials you opt for, everything's finished with antique brass eyelets and oversized buttons. These might seem overly boutique-y, but think of how fetching you'll look while waiting for your $80 Kobe meatloaf.