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Nrage Energy Strips

Being unable to function without coffee is understandable, but unless you're comfortable with the nickname "Thermos Jones" it can be a very impractical dependency. For a boost you can store in your change pocket, try Nrage energy strips.

Nrage strips employ Listerine-like edible film technology, but in addition to detoxing your breath, they also pump you full of caffeine: four strips = one coffee/energy drink. The strips' quick-hitting jolt and minty, nasal-opening menthol component have made them a hit with both pavement pounders (including the hardcore marathoners at NYC's The Running Company) and face pounders (ultimate fighters). And whereas liquids leave you horribly bloated, with Nrage you can juice up and still run/grind-an-opponent's-groin for hours.

Even if you're not an athlete/professional sadist, the strips can come in handy at:

Work: Someone's finished off the coffee...but wouldn't brewing another pot reward other lazy people with the fruits of your labor?

The Bar: The shot-with-strip-chaser is the wave of the future -- who has time to drink a vodka-Red Bull?

Your Wedding: Perk yourself up during your betrothed's protracted vows. Then again, if she can't promise it in 30 seconds, isn't she just lying

Though Nrage is NY-based, it's currently only available online. The only thing stopping you from ordering right now is the fact that you're currently asleep at your desk.