Urban Tailgate

The NCAA Tourney is so close you can already taste the gambling losses. But while March Madness is always madder when surrounded by like-minded fans, if you're devoted to a school with few NYC-based followers, you're often left watching alone, your only friend a spiritless tub of bean dip. To avoid this predicament, try Urban Tailgate. Designed to bring fans together for game-day meet-ups, UT could do for sports watchers what Craigslist has done for "adventurous couples" and sour-smelling couches. The service debuted last fall by leading a few diehard Bears fans to the UES' Gael Pub -- a weekly gathering that eventually blew up to include 180 sausage-y Ditka lovers. But UT goes beyond football: regardless of the sport, it's equipped to develop the community. Join up and input your favorite squad(s), and you can check your team's page to see what bar everyone's headed to -- and receive a weekly email update that'll inform you if your crew's upgrading to a spot with bigger TVs/hotter waitresses/a more generous Love Tester. Granted, just because some guy shares your mutual love of Gonzaga doesn't mean you necessarily want to hang with him, and with that in mind UT offers a "friends" feature. This allows you to choose viewing mates based on even stricter criteria -- like depth of Gonzaga knowledge, hilarity of Gonzaga-related banter, and the good sense to keep his fingers out of your bean dip.