Interview with Ari

Before you retire/die, you'll inevitably have a job interview with someone who delights in making the experience as uncomfortable as possible. Maybe they'll quiz you about irrelevant company minutiae. Or reach out and tweak your nipples as you try to explain the non-work periods on your resume.

Chances are, you'll hate this person. You'll wish terrible things on them and their family. You may seek out their car in the parking lot and urinate on the tires, and possibly the driver's side door handle.

Then again, it's possible you'll come across a guy like this and, as unconscionable as he may seem, kind of admire him. A guy like, say, Entourage's Ari Gold. And thanks to the magic of, you can now semi-experience what it'd be like to interview with Hollywood's most loved and loathed super-agent.

Just click here, fill out a resume, and wait for "Lloyd" to show you in -- when Ari will immediately start treating you with the disrespect you so sorely desire. After you've completed your interview, you'll get an e-mail letting you know if you've got what it takes to work with one of Hollywood's most brilliant pricks. And, yes, if you give the right answers, he will ask you to "hug it out". But if you ask him to take his pants off, he will not.