Prison Rodeo

If watching a bull skewer a pedophile isn't reason enough to vacation in Oklahoma, then nothing is

In two short weeks, Oklahoma State Penitentiary's 66th annual Prison Rodeo will feature inmates from 10 correctional facilities across the state, vying for paltry cash prizes and a life sentence's worth of bragging rights. Think , but replace blowtorch-toting bounty hunters with pissed off ranch animals.

In addition to calf roping, bull riding, steer wrestling and barrel racing, jailbirds compete in these ingenious gruesome events

Mexican Sweat: 4 prisoners play poker at a card table 20 yards away from the cattle chute. When the bull comes charging out, the last felon to remain seated wins $200. Brave but unfortunate losers are escorted from their seats by the 2,000lbs of Brahma.

Money the Hard Way: Snatch $100 in singles fixed between the bull's horns. While the object is simple enough -- grab the bag -- most of the prisoners still end up trampled and/or gored. Bolstering the maniac atmosphere are loudspeakers blaring "I Fought the Law" unceasingly.

While organizations for both cruelty to animals and prisoners sometimes protest the Rodeo, this year one group won't: N.O.W. For the first time female inmates from two state prisons are invited to participate, opening the door for juveniles to soon submit to cattle-stomping justice.