Travel Man-Slator

Traveling to a foreign country can be confusing, especially when all you're capable of saying is "Hello" and "What time is it?" Since you're no Lonely Planet-reading nipple bag, use these phrases in three popular languages to convey the most fundamental of ideas.

"What beers do you have on tap?"Spanish: Cuales son las cervezas de caña de la casa?French: Qu'est-ce que vous servez en pression?Chinese: Ni men yo nah sie pee-jo?

"I want to set something on fire."SP: Quiero prenderle fuego a algo. FR: J'ai envie de tout bruler.CH: Wo shiang yao shao diang dong si.

"Where can I buy a motorcycle?"SP: Donde puedo comprarme una moto?FR: Ou est-ce que je peux acheter une moto?CH: Nah li yo mai mo tuo che?

"She said she was 18!"SP: Dijo que tenia 18 años!FR: Elle m'a dit qu'elle avait dix-huit ans!CH: Ta suoo ta shrr-bah sway!

"This doesn't taste like Belvedere."SP: Esto no sabe a Belvedere.FR: Ca ne ressemble pas a Belvedere.CH: Zhe ge heh chi lai hao shiang bu shi Belvedere.

"I will kick your ass."SP: Te dare una paliza.(OR Te hare anicos, Te dejare hecho polvo, Te destrozare.) FR: Je vais te botter le cul.CH: Wo hway ti ni de pi ku.

"Medium rare, but more towards rare."SP:Medio hecha, pero tirando mas a cruda que a hecha!FR: Entre a point et saignant mais plutot saignant qu'a point.CH: Bu yao tai shou, bi jiao shen.

"Who wants to do a shot?"SP: Quien quiere un chupito?FR: On boit cul-sec?CH: Shei shiang yao heh?

"Someone has thrown up in your bathroom."SP: Alguien ha vomitado en su baño.FR: Quelqu'un a gerbé dans tes chiottes.CH: You ren zai ni che suo tu.

"She'd be hot if she lost 10lbs."SP: Estaria buenisima si perdiese 5 kilos.FR: CH: Yao shr ta so le shrr bang, ta hway gun sing gan.