Boltz Corner Wine Bar

NYC space concerns make building a wine collection so difficult, most people settle for three or four bottles in one of those iron curlicue racks -- which are really best suited for storing Martini and Rossi Asti Spumanti, or filthy gym socks. To store more while looking good, grab a Corner Wine Bar from Boltz. An internet-only retailer, Boltz designs high-end, space-saving furniture that conforms perfectly to an urban apartment's cell-like confines (odd, because they're HQ'd in Conway, Arkansas, where urban-ness tops out with a Toad Suck Daze festival). Their reasonably-priced, solid steel Bar holds 15 bottles on five racks, plus a removable glass shelf on the sixth for open bottles, a baby-sized lump of blow, or a baby purchased with a baby-sized lump of blow. Above this is hanging space for 6-8 glasses, topped by another glass shelf, which should protect your wine from drippage when your upstairs neighbor's toilet explodes. Best of all, instead of hogging space, the Bar's triangular construction allows it to slide neatly into any corner -- great for you, lousy for those pretty boys living in round apartments. Of course, as your collection grows, 15 slots might not do it. Fortunately, you have three more corners in your living room alone. By the time you stock those, you'll be bored with fine wine, and'll revert back to wringing Spumanti out of a sock.