Yoko Devereaux

Men's fashion is an annoying dance of extremes: on one side, there are outrageous outfits that make you look like a sad Downtown clown, and on the other there's gear so stiff people'll assume you just left Dorian's hunting for a coed to make nonconsensual love to. Striking the balance: Brooklyn-based Yoko Devereaux, whose spring collection just debuted.

YD gear's designed for the man who wants the benefits of fashion-forwardness (the ability to pick up women who aren't your secretary/mother) with none of the jackassery. Feast your eyes on admittedly tiny shots of the action:

  • Black/Gray Seersucker ShortsSophisticated enough that a guy could wear it with a jacket, but casual enough for you to wear as you throw batteries at guys wearing shorts with jackets.

  • Hunter Green Cotton Twill PantPerfect for those special times when you feel like wearing pants.
  • Twill Motorcycle JacketWill make you look like you'd be perfectly comfortable on a bike, but not perfectly comfortable cooking meth to sell at truckstops.
  • YD's spring line's available right now in their Williamsburg shop, or you can wait two weeks for it to arrive in Saks -- itself a study in opposites, being located dangerously close to Uptown, yet named after that which sags beneath your natty twills.