River Room becomes a wine/tapas bar

A seamless transition from one regime to another is a rare thing, but give the CIA a break...they're really trying! Changing its focus to offer you great food & wine without closing for even a second: SIP @ Riverside.

After somehow transforming into a vino-centric house of tapas while still operating as River Room, SIP's taken on a rustic-industrial look, switching the martini lounge into a bar with 10 self-serve Cruvinet wine machines, and making its main dining area look more like a wine cellar with brick walls, green ostrich leather banquettes, and copper-top tables, because that Energizer Bunny kept going and going...right out the door! They've got 40 bottles in those Cruvinets (whose temp-controlled system keeps things just-uncorked fresh for six weeks), including reds like Desierto Cabernet Franc and Spain's Tarima Monastrell, plus whites like the Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde blend from Portugal, and Oregon Pinot Gris Ponzi, assuming other guests haven't already Madoff with it. Filling up's handled by small plates like pistachio-crusted scallops w/ orange juice reduction & roasted baby zucchini, BBQ pork tacos, smoked-chicken-stuffed poblanos, and bacon-wrapped U-12 shrimp (stuffed w/ jalapenos & cheddar), plus beef tenderloin carpaccio w/ fried capers, which were previously recounted in The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Why Didn't Anybody Cook the Meat?

Non-grape-based drinking includes eight drafts and 17 bottles like Three Philosophers and Sweetwater Motor Boat -- something all that wine should hopefully help you smoothly transition to once you're under deep cover.