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Bon Bon Chicken

NYC's wild experiments with comfort food are generally welcome additions to your arsenal of new-ways-to-get-fat-and-die, but sometimes you find yourself craving more tastefully restrained culinary innovation. Enter Bon Bon Chicken, officially opening for business right now.

BBC's a Tribeca delivery/takeout joint with a singular mission: Asian-inspired fried chicken -- specifically wings, drumsticks, and strips -- carved from high quality, free-range birds. Your fowl comes in two styles: the red-chili Spicy (just hot enough to make you feel like a man) and the soy-garlic-based Mild (tastes so candy-delicious you'll forget you're being a coward). The flavors are infused deeply into the slightly crispy exterior, so instead of returning to work with a sauce-and-drool goatee, you'll be styling solely with drool

BBC's portions are cooked fresh to order and come in 8, 14, or 20 pieces, or you can have one- or two-hundred pieces catered -- then greedily devour the whole tray, terrifying your officemates as you court fatness and death before their very eyes.