On June 17th, HBO premieres Flight of the Conchords, a new half-hour comedy series about two expat New Zealander musicians looking for love, gigs, and succulent East Village kabobs. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can actually watch the first episode right now by clicking here. But should you?

Yes, yes you should, because Conchords is the completely random kind of comedy that shouldn't work but does. It'll have you asking yourself "Why am I watching this crap?" right before asking yourself "Why is this crap making me laugh so hard?" Some of what you'll get:

NYC situations you'll identify with: Like when you're making out with your roommate's ex-girlfriend on the couch, and he's in the corner asking if he should turn the light off with a thick New Zealand accent.

Bizarre musical interludes: Wherein the deadpan slacker-banter is broken up with out-of-nowhere songs, like the serenade "You're so beautiful, you could be a part-time model/but you'll probably have to keep your normal job."

The harshest break-up-with-a-Kiwi scene ever: "What I really want is an Australian. Maybe you guys know some?"

An awesomely horrible video, shot on a pawn shop cell-phone cam, about a world where robots have killed all humans: "There is only one kind of dance, The Robot." "And the Robo-boogie." "Oh yes, two kinds of dances." That's right, two kinds.

How does all this fit together? If you don't watch now, you won't find out 'til everyone else does, and you'll curse your laziness forever -- or at least until the robots are dancing on your unmarked grave.