Thank You, Iceland

Most vodka brands are like teenagers desperate for an identity: some get all hopped up on fruit flava', others jump into a glass with any mixer that'll have them, and the rest are too timid to taste like anything at all. For vodka that's not afraid to taste like vodka, try Reyka.

Reyka's the first vodka from Iceland, an untainted land of beauty, magic, and refreshingly unironic death metal bands. To achieve its essence-o'-vodka taste, it's created from a process as pure To wit:

  • The spring water used in Reyka is so clean, it doesn't even have to be filtered or demineralized, as it's already astonishingly low in minerals, dissolved solids, and saber-tooth tigers.

  • The vodka itself is run through indigenous lava instead of the typical charcoal -- partly because it's cleaner, and partly because Iceland has no trees. (How messed up is that?)
  • The distillery's powered by a geothermal spring, preserving the environment, and staving off IAEA fears that Iceland might use a nuclear-powered distillery to enrich plutonium.
  • Each small batch is handmade/bottled by a team of only seven, led by Master Distiller Kristmar Olafsson -- the 1987 World's Strongest Man responsible for caber tossing Iceland's last known tree.
  • Of course, the ultimate toxin is pretension, and Reyka's got none -- as evidenced by their website, where you'll find an adorably cute Icelandic pop star getting her leg humped by a puffin. A puffin who clearly appreciates good vodka.