Nostalgia Gear

Whether it's Elizabethan England or String Theory, the inspirations behind men's fashion leave even grossly fat guys wishing public nudity would come back in vogue. For style that draws on sources you understand all too well, grab No Mas' new gear. NYC's ironical sports artist No Mas has created an extremely wearable line around the one thing every man understands: wasted youth. His newest two standouts both evoke the heartwarmingly terrible graphics of classic 80s videogames. First, there's the Tecmo Bo: that's right, Bo Jackson, the greatest Nintendo athlete of all time, sprinting across minimalist hash marks on his way to glory at the behest of some phantom, cheese-poof-popping couch-jockey. Then there's "Goons": also pulled from the NES's blurry infancy, it displays two mulish enforcers mid-brawl, upholding the virtues of "old-school hockey" by preparing to slug each other in the gaping maws that once held their teeth. Both models are available in tee shirts and refreshingly simple hoodies (as are Mas' sweet, early-80s cartoon-styled Lawrence Taylor and Reggie Jackson prints). Slap one on, and maybe people will finally understand you -- at least until they look down and see your jaunty worsted tights.