The Site Who Nu Too Much

As the snow melts and winter hibernations come to an end, it's only natural for primal man to start foraging, mating, and visiting Philadelphia. For a proper Brotherly excursion, use

While some may be content to spend the day soaking up the awesomeness of the tallest masonry load-bearing structure in the world (City Hall), uwishunu can turn your long Philly weekend into a carnival of food, drink, sport, and strangely edifying bizarreness. Some of the glory they've uncovered:

  • A restaurant that serves eggs benedict with fried chicken, ending the years of frustration you've suffered vainly explaining the combo to a drive-thru squawk-box
  • A brewery so steeped in history, you'll actually learn as much from beer as beer has made you forget
  • A medical oddities museum that displays actual brain from the man who shot James A. Garfield, and America's tallest preserved skeleton (not James A. Garfield's)
  • Uwishunu is constantly updated, and if by some miracle you find something they haven't, you should feel free to tip them off. They'll be interested to learn of your Philly findings, though chances are slim that they'll care to watch you forage and mate.