Reign Over Me

Though memories of ice luge face-offs and beer pong grudge matches still dance in your head, you've been out of school long enough that even the guy you once accidentally shared a bed with -- your college roommate -- has had time to change. A new movie drops science about that special kind of dude-relationship: Reign Over Me.

Reign Over Me is the story of two former college roommates (played by Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler) who have a chance, moped-related encounter after losing touch over the last several years. Cheadle's character's a regular guy overwhelmed by the trappings of adulthood; Sandler's character has suffered a loss so devastating that even mentioning what happened would make you weep openly at your desk (he lost his family in one of the 9/11 plane crashes). The two reconnect over the good (playing video games together), the bad (Sandler's history of naked sleepwalking), and the ugly (see previous parenthesis). And it's these chaotic, embarrassing experiences that help sustain their relationship and your willingness to embrace the transcendent power of platonic man-love in a theater filled with other guys.

For an early look at the film, including an exclusive Pearl Jam cover of the movie's title song, 'Love, Reign O'er Me', click here. Once you're sufficiently nostalgic for your own college days, check in with your long-lost buddies -- you'll see who's married, who stuck with the drums, and who's still doing time for streaking the quad.