Gillette Fusion Power Phantom

The pace of razor technology's so blindingly fast, if you blink you'll miss out on fifty breakthroughs, and suddenly find yourself at the mirror with the shaving equivalent of a buggy whip. So drop your Last-Gen razor, and pick up the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom.

While the razors you've been using up to now have struggled just to get through your huge tufts of neck fur, the Fusion Power Phantom makes shaving easy. It glides effortlessly across your foamy face-scape, leaving behind a swath of ridiculous smoothness that's free of prickly stubble, long whiskers, and fossilized feta cheese crumbles. How does Fusion Power Phantom pull this off? Because while you've been squandering your time learning how to floss, Gillette's crack researchers have been innovating new paths toward silky hairlessness. Here's what they've come up with:

  • Five stealthy blades, so you'll barely feel the shave
  • Friction-reducing "micropulses"
  • Blade on the back for precise facial-hair sculpting
  • It's black

The Power Phantom's only drawback: once you're de-scruffed, you'll be temporarily deprived of your newfound joy of shaving. Don't panic: check out for games to keep you occupied until you're re-wooled, and for a chance to win a Dodge Charger -- giving you the irresistible combination of Detroit muscle and your new kid-rump-smooth face.