Dropping Philly Knowledge

Weekend getaways should be the sanity-savers that keep you from splashing scalding coffee into coworkers' faces -- and they would be, if it weren't for the bed-and-breakfasty destinations picked by your girlfriend and the hell of finding crap to do upon arrival. So before getting out of Dodge, check out uwishunu.com.

Instant Messenger spelling aside, uwishunu is the no-BS insider's guide to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love (assuming you don't show up in a Shockey jersey and a Giants Starter jacket). Whereas other Philly guides relate to you as if you were a doddering 80-year-old seeking inspiration from the Liberty Bell, uwishunu features the sweetest restaurants, bars, and events. Basically, whatever you're looking for, u's got it:

  • a shoe store that carries flannel Nikes Eddie Vedder'd wear, if he weren't currently protesting shoes
  • a joint whose pizza is so prized, you have to call ahead to reserve your dough, lest they sell out and you're forced to drink toppings from a pint glass
  • a hidden, undersea grotto-styled dance club, guarded by a bouncer so enormous you could swim in his tear-filled eyeball -- if only he knew how to cry
  • uwishunu is constantly updated, so if you want the latest and greatest check it right before hopping on the train. Otherwise, you might as well grab your girlfriend, hit a B&B, and prepare to spend two days spewing muffled curses into a mid-century quilt.