Sweet Re-Genj

Playstation 3 hits stores today, bringing with it a revolution in graphics, functionality, and capacity to constantly make you 25 minutes late for work. For proof of this system's supremacy, check out Genji: Days of the Blade. But before you do, you must first be prepared to kill.

Genji: Days of the Blade is destined to become the most beloved samurais-disemboweling -anyone-who-annoys-them adventure of all time. Here's how PS3 and Genji will team up to make your girlfriend hate you:

  • The hi-res Blu-ray disc format enables crystal clear images 10X more detailed than broadcast TV -- so you can marvel at the glistening armor even as your back begins to glisten with couch-sweat.
  • PS3's eight-processor Cell Broadband Engine can simultaneously handle everything Genji throws at it -- the movements of loutish opponents, the movements of your loutish horse, changing scenery, ambient sounds, lighting, even "physics". The result's a virtual world so engrossing, you'll have to rig up a catheter.
  • All this'd be useless if you were limited to the same three tedious attacks (punch, kick, "Cheap Shot"...). But Genji offers hundreds of lethal actions -- some even involving you changing characters mid-assault. (If this concept's as incomprehensible to you as the Styx reunion tour, click here for a visual.)

So check out PlayB3yond.com for more Playstation info, then go grab yourself a PS3 and Days of the Blade. They're selling out fast, but if you've got the desire -- and a cruel, curved sword -- cutting-edge satisfaction will be yours.