Still Life Hats

For decades, hats have threatened to make a comeback, but never do, because the available options either make you look like a classics professor, or a classically trained pimp. For headgear you can sport without shame, hit Still Life's undercover LES store.

Still Life's a two-year-old haberdasher that until this fall had been carving their rep online -- a tough way to buy if you don't know what looks good on you, or have an unusually shaped melon. Their new store fronts their workshop, where they handcraft modern tweaks on classic looks: from a woolen, workingman's engineers cap, to a leather fedora evocative of those men whose only real task in life is to separate weed from seed. Some representative noggin-wear

The Giuseppe: This newsboy cap is easy for even a non-hatter to pull off. It's also perfect for covering naptime erections during long holiday flights

The Ushanka: Combines a cold-weather communist's distaste for frostbite with the landed English gentry's distaste for communists

The Rumpler Fedora: A fusion of the aforementioned pimpness and the socially acceptable cocksureness of an old-timey golf pro -- somehow, the resulting message is "I will sleep with your wife, then drink a Harvey Wallbanger".

Being fashion-forward means that Still Life does carry some hats that few men could/should pull off -- unless you've got plans to overrun India by force of cannon, the pith helmet's probably a no-go. But mostly, these are distinctive domers that you can continue to enjoy even after the next old school accessory resurfaces -- the codpiece.