Sunday Bloody Sunday

The protagonists in most television crime dramas have way too much respect for the legal system to be truly entertaining. But every Sunday night at 10, Showtime's DEXTER features enough blatant disregard for protocol to satisfy even the most unapologetic armchair vigilante.

Emmy-nominated coroner Michael C. Hall ("Six Feet Under") plays Dexter, a Miami forensics expert who -- unlike less thorough television crime scene specialists -- metes out bloody justice on the murderers he's investigating. Once Dexter draws you into his depraved world, you'll embrace him as a really likable guy -- who just happens to hack up bad people.

To bring you up to speed: last week's premiere episode featured the graphic dismemberment of a pedophiliac director of a boy's choir, flashbacks to Dexter's precocious childhood pastimes (vivisecting dead animals), and expository scenes showcasing the passionate, yet anal tidiness Dexter brings to his own special brand of justice. So tune in to DEXTER on Sundays -- you'll never have to be satisfied with wimpy, morally responsible crime shows ever again.