Eat Out '06

Keeping up with New York's restaurant scene requires insane amounts of time, hassling with reservations, and caring about keeping up with New York's restaurant scene. To hurdle these barriers in one night, hit TONY's Eat Out '06.

A sprawling exposition with a well-stocked open bar, EO6 is a golden opportunity to figure out which NYC eateries are worth your money, and which you'd just as soon see torched for the insurance. There'll be 40 restaurants represented, each of which'll present their best dishes for fear of public shaming. Some spots are relative newcomers (Telepan, Devin Tavern); others (Boqueria, InTent) have opened so recently that only the most stalker-esque restaurant nerds have darkened their doorways. You'll also get to sample chow from Nobu 57, Craftsteak, etc. -- basically, guys who draw 98% of their business from the abuse of corporate funds.

Of course, there's another advantage to attending E06 over venturing to a restaurant: you can eat 'til you're dangerously full, since there'll be no one sitting across from you to disgust. Just display some semblance of responsibility -- discharge your dinner in the middle of the event, and all 40 of these places will cross you off their list.