If you loved Broken Lizard's Super Troopers -- the funniest movie ever to feature a mustache as an amusement park ride -- you've probably been asking yourself, "When are those insouciant fools coming out with their next feature?" The answer, August 25th: Beerfest.

Beerfest follows the adventures of the Wolfhouse brothers: clueless Americans who, while spreading their grandfather's ashes during Oktoberfest, discover an underground beer Olympics. They then get roundly spanked in said Games, and receive a lukewarm keg of humiliation from their German cousins. Upon returning home, they assemble a motley crew of drinkers, and plot frothy revenge.

Is this plot ridiculous? Sure, but all good drinking stories are, and if you check out the trailer you'll see this one has all the earmarks of greatness: ragtag losers uniting against arrogant foreigners. Blatant Euro-bashing. Awe-inspiring feats of thirst-quenching by a guy wearing a yarmulke. And, for no apparent pot-related reason, Willie Nelson.

To train properly for the premiere, be the first person after 12pm (Eastern) to email with the answer to the question below, and you'll receive a custom beer pong table. We're asking you to wait 'til noon so as not to punish late sleepers, who spent last night overindulging in the very beverage this movie's all about.

The question: "What was the chugging technique Arcot Ramathorn advocated using with syrup in Super Troopers?"

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