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Holiday Punches

Nog's the undisputed King of holiday hooch, but if you guzzle it at every party you hit, you'll just become fat, and lactose intolerant. To add some seasonal variety, mix up one or all of these stupefying punches

The Good NeighborCreated by: Toby Maloney (Alchemy Consulting, Freeman's)Perfect if you're: hoping to get your neighbors warmly drunk before warmly molesting them.

Ingredients2 cups Laird's Bonded Applejack (or Calvados)2 cups rye whiskey3/4 cup fresh squeezed ginger juice (from any fresh juice purveyor)3/4 cup sugar1.5 cups fresh lemon juice7 dashes of bitters1 bottle hard cider (dry's best)Large, cold ice cube

Combine everything but ice/cider in a large bowl. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Put in fridge for a couple of hours. Add ice/cider at last minute. Garnish with apple slices and lemon wheels.

Japonais Holiday PunchCreated by: Julio Burbano (beverage director, Japonais)Perfect if you're: A man with five gallons worth of friends, who aren't afraid to get fruity.

Ingredients1 gallon Ichico shochu 1 gallon Ozeki dry sake 1 gallon Stoli Razpberi 2 qts Peach Schnapps 2 qts sweet and sour mix2 qts cranberry juice4 cups ground cinnamon (can add more to taste

Mix everything together and garnish with orange supremes and dried cranberry.

White Blueberry Pomegranate PunchCreated by: Marty Vaz (Gin Lane)Perfect if you're: An accomplished amateur mixologist, or a guy who doesn't have to go to work even when it's not a holiday.

Ingredients (the crazier stuff's available at Whole Foods/GNC)Bottle of premium vodkaBottle of kava Bottle of Prosecco 1.5oz white blueberry tea leaves 1.5oz agave nectar1oz fresh squeezed OJ1.75oz simple syrup 2oz pomegranate juice1.75oz lemon juice 2oz Pama pomegranate liqueur 1 small container of blueberrie

Place tea in a stainless steel bowl w/ 4oz of the vodka. Center bowl in a frying pan, and fill pan w/ water. Steep 5-7 minutes, then strain vodka/tea back into vodka bottle. Dump agave nectar and blueberries into bottle, and let infuse for two days. Then fill a punch bowl w/ ice and pour in the vodka, Prosecco, and kava. Stir rest of the ingredients in a mixing cup, then add to bowl. Garnish glasses w/ handful of blueberries, a lemon coil, and a mint leaf. Collapse in heap from your mighty efforts.