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Il Prosecco Package

A picnic can be a wonderful way to romance a woman -- until she realizes that, having just packed a picnic basket, you must therefore be a woman too. Get your 'nic on while retaining some dignity with the Il Prosecco "Party to-go" kit, available in NYC tomorrow. The Kit's a cheap, just-add-ice carry-all from a Prosecco brand that, despite its Bartles and James-y marketing language, is remarkably good for how little it costs -- even the Wall Street Journal called it "juicy, mouthwatering...vibrant and fun" (terms frequently applied to the WSJ itself). Here's what you get:Two bottles: That's 1500ml of crisp fruitiness from the hills of Valdobbiadene, Italy -- one of the few places in the world where Prosecco can be produced, and the only one with a name six syllables long. Six plastic flute glasses: So you can share with her friends. Or make your refusal to share seem even more audacious. An orange plastic ice bucket: This bucket will hold your ice, orangely.Granted, the bucket itself is a bit embarrassing, in that it says "Party to-go" on it. But slap a bumper sticker over the verbiage, and women will swoon over your thoughtfulness, while men will appreciate your sangfroid support for nuking the whales.