Lululemon Workout Gear

The gym clothes in your locker are a ticking bomb of stink -- after a couple of uses, the odor outweighs the convenience; after a month, your fumes will cause lifestyle publicists to wither on their ellipticals. For reek-proof gear, hit the just-opened Lululemon Athletica store in Lincoln Center. LA designed their apparel to meet the needs of yoga practitioners -- but much like the geniuses behind astronaut-targeted Tang, they've created cutting-edge functionality that can benefit all humanity. Their shirts, shorts, sweats, and hoodies are loaded with thoughtful touches (credit card and key pockets, anti-chafing panels sewn into shorts, cold-weather thumbholes on long-sleeved shirts), but what's most impressive are their fetidness-combating features. First, there's "Silverescent Technology": silver woven into the fabric prevents the formation of bacteria, cutting stench off at the source. Just as importantly, LA's signature Luon textile facilitates "moisture wicking" -- sucking sweat away from your skin, to the outer layer of the garment, where it'll evaporate instead of turning your pits into a malarial fur swamp. Naturally, LA's gear is more expensive than plain cotton duds, but it's also more durable, and you'll save real money on laundry, as a hardcore gym rat could go a workout-heavy week without washing. If you're not hardcore, you could conceivably hold out even longer, but even cutting-edge technology has limits. If it didn't, you'd be subsisting entirely on Tang.