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Sticks & Stones

They say the best things come to those who wait, which is totally true if the best things are crappy hours, lousy tips, and having your profession immortalized by Ryan Reynolds. Finally paying off its owner's patience: Sticks & Stones, giving the rest of Philly a peek tomorrow night.After 32 months of construction snafus, the clandestine (look for a small red neon sign) Sticks is revealing their space: a slate & hardwood floored up-leveled neighborhood hang with pub-height two tops, a room-dominating oak bar, and a banquette-lined dining room for devouring a rotating cast of global "turbo-charged comfort foods", just like Grand Am-ma used to make. Not-that-small plates include the basics (chicken wings bathed in house-made sauce), plus twists on classics (pork & beans w/ Italian Market pork belly); meanwhile, the daily eponymous happy hour offers a Stone beer + a food-on-stick prepped with the same, like a fresh pretzel skewer dippable in a cheddar sauce made with Smoked Porter, a condition that caused Cole to get a kick out of everything. Big dishes run from Chorizo-stuffed burritos, to Korean-spiced meatloaf topped with a steamed egg, to fare honed from the owner/cook's lifetime favorites list, like an "authentic" cheesesteak with Asiago & tomato, as well as a plate of ham & cabbage (who doesn't have fond memories of a little head?).For cocktails, you'll have to rent the movie, as the bar's totally beer-fueled, stocking 60 bottles and rotating 12 taps with brews like Weyerbacher Autumnfest, Arrogant Bastard, and Flying Dog's Raging Bitch -- if either of those last two describes you, you can wait all you want, but you're still getting 10%.