Like a Facebook for selling your stuff

When the time comes to let go of something, it's nice to know it's going to a good home, unless it's actually an evil 30 year old prostitute with a rare disorder that just makes her look like a kid, in which case sending her home with Peter Sarsgaard is just fine. Helping you get rid of stuff with care, Keepio.

From four Louisville-based fledgling web-preneurs, Keep's like a Facebook/Craigslist hybrid for cataloging and selling off unwanted belongings while maintaining control over who can browse and buy your stuff, because even junk doesn't need to end up with a junkie. Adding items to your inventory involves providing a brief descrip, selecting a category, assigning it a value, uploading an image, declaring if you're currently ready to sell it, and, if so, deciding whether to open it up to the community at large, or restrict access to acquaintances willing to prey like jackals on the bloated carcass of your financial woes friends. Users with access can browse your goods in the Marketplace that currently boasts everything from Fender amps, to tuxedos, to back issues of Surfer magazine, and either instantly buy or shoot off a counter-offer, because it's much easier to low ball someone when yours are doing the same.

You can also choose to integrate your Facebook/Twitter accounts to keep non-Keepio peeps abreast of your firesaling, and, if you're seeking something specific but don't have the cash, you can add it to a Wishlist, which, if you're Peter Sarsgaard, probably starts and ends with "Never made Orphan".