A Little RNR

Who hasn't fantasized about rocking a packed arena as delirious women pelt you with panties? Pay attention, fanboy, because Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp is giving you that chance, by throwing you on stage as the opening act for Journey and Def Leppard. At this hairtastic single-day event, campers get divided into bands, each led by a surviving member from one of these Behind the Music castaways: Great White, The Doobie Brothers, Skynyrd -- even Nelson. During the 6hr rehearsal they'll mentor you on selected songs, musical showmanship, and not crapping your pants in the limelight. At 5:30, the doors open to the 20,000-seat Germain Amphitheater, where your band'll battle it out against fellow campers in front of friends, family, and punctual Journey diehards who'll think you suck. You'll close out this magical evening hanging with the aging headliners, sharing their Perrier and Fresca, waiting for the moment to tactfully inform Def Leppard that their drummer only has one arm.