There're few moves more desperate than the end-of-the-night booty text blast, but individual phone calls only mean wasting your time pleading, or, worse, having a conversation. Split the difference: beg for sex with instant voice messages from sends prerecorded messages via text message, a more eloquent/human version of "U out?" Just call Pinger, choose your recipient, and record your solicitation, which can be up to five minutes in length should your potential lovely need convincing/detailed instructions on which bathroom stall you're cowering in. When she gets the text and calls back the sender number, she'll hear your prerecorded proposition. Hitting # allows the recipient to respond with a voice message of her own, i.e., "How did you get this number?", or, "Dad?" Efficiency's maximized when you send one "ping" to as many people as you want simply by saying their names -- the service is voice activated for your convenience, though the need for vocal clarity means "Shewithabet" might never find out how much you drunkenly loved her. Pinger does require some setup: after you create your account, you then add in your contacts -- a one-time chore that saves you from future ineffective text-based groveling, and removes the danger of ham-fisted manual blasts that miss "Audrey from New Years" and hit "Auntie Rose" instead.Test it out for free at