Reading is all well and good, but moving your eyes can be an irksome and exhausting nuisance. Give those peepers a rest with iAudioize.Created by podcast experts MagneticTime, iAudioize automatically translates any text file (Word, PDF, emails, etc) into MP3s, which then port directly into your REO Speedwagon-choked iTunes. All you do is drag your doc into iAudioize, which parses the words, then pieces together your sound file using a huge database of human speech recordings that sound nothing like Will Robinson being warned of danger. If your listening material is gender specific, you can choose from male/female voices -- sparing you the confusion of hearing your girlfriend's sexy emails in a mellifluous mustachioed baritone.Better, your newly-created sound files can be exported to your iPod, though even with your documents listenable on-the-go, you're still subject to another irksome nuisance: paying attention.