Chimaera Crew Jewelry

If you're having difficulty overcoming your skepticism re: man-jewelry (mewelry), consider its original proponents: warrior kings. For cruel aristocrats and office serfs alike comes the new-to-the-US Chimaera Crew men's line

Like the same-named Godzilla foe, CC is huge in Japan, the design dojo's homeland. Each of the Crew's four pseudonym'd designers creates pieces from Battle-Beastish inspirations -- flames for "Warmth", fangs and claws for "Wildness", and gothic iconography for "Maladjusted Teenagerousness". The resulting sterling silver and onyx signet rings take on a stately misshapenness heretofore reserved for royalty who compensate for their hideousness by consolidating fiefdoms and impregnating their vassals' comely young daughters/mares

In addition to rings, CC also makes twisted metal bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and... a ballpoint pen, which you can use to stab anyone who refuses to kiss your ring.