Bonsai Sandals

Flip-flops are the next best thing to going barefoot, but come winter, losing even one toe to frostbite is enough to have you fearfully shoeing it through April. No more, thanks to Bonsai Sandals.

Created by a perennially late, probably stoned Cali college kid, the Bonsais are all-season sandals that combine the soothing fuzziness of a slipper with the hands-free laziness of a flop. By balancing the premium sheepskin footbed with an open top, they provide warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, and Yeti-esque nattiness throughout. Better, normal flip-floppish conformation to your feet is augmented by the gradual softening of the stiff sole, coupled with the unique way in which sheepskin yields to fleshy appendages

If you're worried about fur-bound foot mung, keep in mind that sheepskin's natural sweat-wicking prowess keeps feet drier than almost any other flops. So regardless of the temperature, your feet'll be comfy and your toes'll stay intact -- unless you kick and shatter a bong in a headlong rush to let in the pizza guy.