World Ice Golf Championship

If your impatience for the start of golf season outweighs your desire to retain a normal allotment of fingers/toes, look no further than Greenland and the extreme World Ice Golf Championship

Well north of the Arctic Circle, the tundra town of Uummannaq has hosted the WIGC for ten years, providing glacial scenery, sub-negative-25 temps, and tongue injuries for those brave enough to try to pronounce it. The plus of the icy setting is that the shifting frozen seascape makes each round unique and wholly unrepeatable, though the glaring whiteness necessitates using fluorescent orange balls, a stunning juxtaposition against your frigid gray ones.

Anyone with very thick skin and a decent handicap (36 or better) can enter this numbing affair -- your $2,592 entry fee includes five nights of room and board, much needed de-icing activities (a gala dinner, sled dog cuddling), and two days of tourney play. Hopefully, you'll achieve glacial glory, but if you don't, you can always take out your frustrations with a sport that has no season: clubbing seals.