AquaVista 500

Tropical fish are a soothing addition to any crib -- but finding the space for an aquarium would mean throwing away your endlessly fascinating collection of unread magazines. Well, feast your crusty eyes on the AquaVista 500.Combining the packaging of art with the beauty of snorkeling, the AV500 is a 4.5-inch-thick slice of fishy goodness, hung on the wall HDTV style. The tank's integrated pump, filtration system, lighting, and heater are all adjusted and monitored through the embedded LCD controls -- like a high-end universal remote, but with the power to kill your pets instead of muting MTV Spring Break's orgasm-delaying prattle.Like other great wall art, the AV500 comes in several frame styles, and also offers myriad backgrounds, with photos ranging from Tropical Water A, to Coral Reef, to the even more inspiring Tropical Water B. Regardless of your selection, the aquarium will satisfy your laissez-faire approach to pet ownership -- even if it lacks articles on the newest laser disc players, the World Champion LA Raiders, or the presidential aspirations of Walter Mondale.