Klaus Harmony Music

Whether you're filming homemade sexcapades or your VCR's sound is broken, there will come a time when you need that oh-so distinctive 70s aural aphrodisiac. Here to be your auditory fluffer: the music of Klaus Harmony, now available for download.The "Mozart of Porn", Klaus Harmony crafted the famous "bow chicka bow wow"s that (along with scarily rangy muffs) make 70s porn great. Having gotten his start in a one-hit-wonder rock band, Klaus went on to make his mark during a decade of collaboration with a director responsible for the iconic German erotica that inspired a generation of beat-masters and meat-beaters. Cue up "Hi, Doctor" to set a clinically funky mood, the powerful "Herbie's Cock" to subtly suggest you have one too, and the bombastic "Rear View Lover" to console yourself once she's stormed out because of your ill-timed suggestion to take the party "into the butt". In addition to scintillating previews of Klaus's big-swinging soundography, KlausHarmony.com offers mustachioed pics of the man and a frightfully short (55 pages, large font) e-book biography detailing his hard-charging life and unsubstantiated death in a 1984 used record store explosion (they couldn't find the body -- seriously). Regardless of his improbable (or faked?) death, the Mozart of Porn will give you the juice you need to at least become the Salieri of the Bedroom.