Bellum Classic Watches

Classic watches of yesteryear have a noble elegance, but much like your grandfather, lack both a certain modernity and the ability to accurately tell time. Enter Bellum Classics rebuilt antique watches.On the hunt for handpicked antique pieces, BC's NYC-based designers scour auctions, estate sales, high-end pawnshops, and even low-end pawnshops (but only looking for illegal guns). Their finds include timeless pieces from Patek and Rolex, as well as long-gone makers like Galle and Minerva -- whose watches adorned a more refined and now deader breed of men. BC soups these baubles up into working order Monster Garage-style, then augments them with hand-engraved designs. One item in the lineup is an antique Rolex with a skull-emblazoned back -- classically stylish while subtly contemporary, like Eleanor Roosevelt wearing Hypercolor tights.To round out a package unlike that of any other jeweler, each watch comes with a matching t-shirt. So outfitted, you'll not only look cutting-edge, but you'll be on time to visit your grandfather, who just discovered you pawned his guns.