If your day-to-day were as well sorted as your iTunes, your refrigerator wouldn't smell like low tide at the docks. At least when it comes to music you can now integrate your life, with iConcertCal.The desperate-times brainchild of two Seattle-based engineers mourning the death of grunge, iCC makes your digital music a concert-going reality. iCC combs websites like Tourfilter and JamBase for show dates, but saves you time by automatically matching them against your iTunes artists, then marks them on a custom, in-program calendar. In addition to updating weekly, iCC provides links for venues/tickets -- so even if your "Can't Touch This" download was drunkenly reckless, you'll be alarmingly diligent in securing front-and-center seats for Hammer's upcoming show at your local JCC.Should your calendar of upcoming shows prove too limited, you can manually add groups/solo acts/magicians, or expand your location to places you'll be/could get to in the case of a Winger-related emergency. Once your social life's taken care of, it's time to consider the next frontier: integrating iTunes with your Quixotic search for love.