Trui1 Hoodie

Now that the hoodie's ascendance is undeniable, the biggest risk to glorying in its fluffy charms is getting caught wearing the same one as the faux-ruffian next to you. Try Universe on a T-Shirt's Trui1 Hoodie.A self-described "global micro brand", UOAT's run by an Amsterdam-based VJ duo who specialize in ecstatic colorforms and irritatingly oxymoronic nomenclature. They guarantee you uniqueness in two ways: first, their super-secret hand-imprinting technology is so cutting-edge that it can only be done in-store, by artisans who can't even remember what drug-free desserts taste like. Further, no two of the resulting Trui1s are alike, with each boasting its own finely-inscribed details, intra-hood sunburst design, and confetti-esque insignia mosaic -- for that coveted dude-who-mugged-Mondrian steez.Beyond the hoodies, UOAT spins out several similarly appliqué-detailed tees, featuring designs akin to the Trui1's subtle galactic swirl, which appears as if your armpit has farted a supernova. Get a shirt, and you'll be uniquely garbed even in the eventuality of the implosion of the hoodie culture/universe -- whichever comes first.