Knee Defender

Contorting yourself into a coach-class seat is bad enough, but only serves as a prelude to your frontward neighbor hitting "Recline" and savagely kneecapping you. Take back control of your airborne space with Knee Defender.A victim of both gangliness and air travel, former Capitol Hill staffer Ira Goldman developed these pocket-sized clamps after far too many patella-smashing cross-country flights over campaign trails. Deployment's simple: the two KD pieces attach to your lowered tray table arms, forcing the seatback in front of you to maintain a more (or entirely) upright position. Naturally, the discreet devices are made of plastic, so they'll make it through security even when you volunteer for an all-cavity body search. Of course, no gambit's without risk, and there's always a chance that an observant traveler/gadget freak will discover this clever little land grab -- once again subjecting you to potential kneecapping, only this time from a speeding, hijacked beverage cart.